Welcome to Evermead Siamese and Balinese!

We preserve and promote the traditional old style Siamese and Balinese cat. 


Here at Evermead Cattery we raise beautiful, healthy old style or classic Siamese and Balinese cats. They are raised in our home as part of our family. Temperament is paramount to us, so our kittens are handled daily from birth to ensure wonderful, loving personalities. Each and every kittens is different.


We have over 23 years of experience breeding these wonderful cats and do so for the love and preservation of the breed. We do try to stay very close to the breed standards of the Old Style Siamese and Balinese. Our Old Style Siamese kittens typically have a svelte body and heart shaped face. They are neither heavily cobby bodied, nor extreme, like the Modern (Wedge). We do, however, occasionally have more moderate or round kitten depending on their heritage. 

Our cats  and kittens are registered with the Cat Fancier's Federation, Cat Fancier's Association, and The International Cat Association.


The old style Siamese may be show as such with the Cat Fancier's Federation. The Old Style Siamese was accepted in 2008. The Old Style Siamese were accepted to The International Cat Association as Thai with championship status in 2010. Many breeders who have preserved the old style Siamese cat were excited by this!

CFF Old Style Standard

TICA Thai Standard





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Updated October 25, 2020

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